SASS Studios and Salon Suites are designed for experienced salon professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers. Our tenants come from all types of backgrounds in the beauty industry: hairstylists, nail technicians, massage therapists and more. If you are tired of working long hours and paying commissions to a salon owner, then Studios and Salon Suites is for you. By owning your own business, you are able to cater to your own clientele, develop your unique look and style, make more profits and be your own boss. Studios and Salon Suites is the perfect way for beauty industry professionals to advance their individual careers without investing serious money or taking on dizzying risks.
Becoming a SASS professional is the easiest and fastest way to get out from under the traditional salon system. You can have your own, fully equipped salon open and thriving within days. Create your own business identity. Grow your client base and earn more money without having to pay commission to salon owners. After all, you’re the boss.
It’s easy. You can get your own, personalized salon up and running in a matter of days. Simply email us at with your contact information, any questions you may have and your preferred location. Our dedicated support team has the expertise to help guide you through the steps to becoming your own salon owner.
Your suite, is YOUR suite. Our suites are designed to be fully customizable by the salon owner. That means you decide the décor, furnishings and equipment, so that your work space reflects your style and clientele.

Every suite is equipped with high-grade materials and furnishings – everything you need to run a professional salon, including: styling chair, shampoo bowl, high-end cabinetry and mirrors, dryer chair and more. Common areas are shared by all owners and include a kitchen and laundry facilities, so your business is completely self-sufficient.

You have 24/7/365 access to the building and can choose your hours as you wish.  As a business owner, you decide the operation hours that fit your schedule and clientele needs. Each salon suite is secure and can be open or closed at your convenience.

SASS has changed the salon business for over 95+ stylists. Our locations have the most innovative technology from our 24/7 secured access monitoring, to free parking for you and your clients. Each suite is tastefully decorated with high end finishings. In addition, we have units that are built for business owners so no need to move or relocate. We provide you the flexibility to grow within each of our locations.

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